Deep into the muddy clay
The creator was delighted to dip his hands
And dropped a precious seed.
Strength, patience, perseverance, and endurance
Were the fertilizers best suited for her
And it brought out the best in her.

Lucky are you, oh Africa,
To receive such a precious seed.
She yielded so peacefully
In the bottom of her mother Africa,
Until storms travelled in boats from the oceans
And wind blew scattering her precious leaves.
Branches were left without leaves
Trying to resist the oppression.

Her beauty bit by bit faded into the sunset.
Oh, African flower, where is your help?
Why has the creator burdened you?
The pressure and oppression stimulated her roots to act.
But only one root had the courage and strength to act.
That one root was hope to many beaches.

He went on a solo trip trying to find the right mineral
To overcome the bad weather.
He had to dodge rocks until he reached foreign land
Where he found that one ingredient that was missing,
Which was wisdom.
After the long walk the storm was overcome.

Rejoice, oh you African flower, for your hope has come.
Freedom at last, the sun has risen over her.
We are longing to see your flowers bloom
And for your branches to reach greater heights.
Decorate the bottom of your mother
For beauty lies within you.
Let other women be jealous seeing the joy of South Africa.