Women are the future of African leadership
They are the voices of hope
The are the leaders of our tomorrow
Women of Africa unite
Africa, your God, is calling for you to unite
The time for women to rise has came
The time for women to lead has came
The time for imbokodo to take over has came
Africa is her
Women is she
Africa needs her to lead
Women to women
A motherland has been raped by men
Men have raped her for many years
Abused her
Raped her
Made her beauty unnoticed
Your presence will be felt so much greater
Return to your God Africa
Fight for her and let men destroy her no more
No more gender-based violence to motherland
No more rape
No more abuse
Men have raped African potential so that Africa seems useless
Do not let men kill her, rape her and abuse her
Youth do not let the future disappear
The men are busy raping her and do not care about the future
They called you, future leaders
Future leaders rise, the time is now
It is time to rise and defend her
From evil men who rape her
Who abuse her in groups
Let opportunities rain