To our late forefathers –
The heroes of the Wars,
To our late grandfathers –
The heroes of the struggle,

We Salute You.

What do we know?
We know nothing, as we were not yet born
We don’t have the experience nor the memories to remind us.

Yet we feel the pain,
We sense the anger,
We cry for the bitter treatment of our people.

Blood spilt dyed the society red,
Tears fall and washes it away.

What else could they have done?
Death after death was becoming a norm,
Attending funerals every weekend
Crying was healing,
Fighting back was the only strength they had.

My Children, My Africa

The only phrase was in favour
For our children, the future of our Africa.
We may cry today,
But tomorrow our children will celebrate.

The blood may be shed,
We may die.
But as long as Freedom is coming,
The victory is ours.

Cry My Beloved Country

What have we done?
Freedom has been delivered
On a colourful plate.
We sat back and we ate.

Teenage pregnancy has reached a point
Where I wished they were graduation stats.
Alcohol and drug abuse is a daily meal for most of our youth,
I wish that was educational abuse.

Crime is a battle on a field of gold
Where anyone can engage.
Corruption is winning
Not passing grades at schools.

I’ll tell you nothing but the truth.

We’re appreciating more than doing,
We’re thanking more than giving,
We’re earning more than working.

We are carrying a burden of laziness,
The load is so heavy that it bends our backs
Not to see the stars.
We enjoy dependency
Even after becoming independent.

We are living in the shadow,
Where Africans are inferior,
Where African lives depends on schemes, aids and government support.
We allow poverty to be our second skin.

When will Africa live up to its creed?
When will the meaning of the rainbow nation ring true,
If we hide in the shadows?

When will we ever be successful
If we don’t liberate ourselves?
When will we prosper
If we don’t value what’s right and invest ourselves?

Instead of inheriting what our heroes left us,
We’re damaging what they have done for us.

But still I have a dream:

That one day
Africa will be a powerful continent,
Rich not only in history and culture
But also in mind.

It will live up to its wealth of resources,
Its uniqueness will astound the universe,
Each one will value the worth of living,
We’ll respect each other.

Unity in diversity.
And together we shall create the
Great Africa.

Amandla NgaWethu,
Uhuru is ours.