I’m from a place of beauty that catches the eye
A place made of hills, mountains and rivers
A place where the thunder hits so hard it makes you shiver
A place where the water is sweet as honey

I’m from a place that has years and years of stories
A place where great men once lived
A place where evil once strived

I’m from a place that has gold, diamonds and platinum
A place that has every mineral from A to uranium
A place of glorious beasts of all kinds
A place of majestic fruits of all kinds

I’m from a place where the women are queens
A place where men are kings
A place with kingdoms from the Nile to the Orange River

I’m from a place where people dance in happiness
A place where the drums match any heartbeat
A place where parties happen on every street

I’m from a place where the sun shines bright
A place where you could study the stars at night
A place where the tree does more than bear fruit
It shelters the weak and strong no matter the size

I’m from a place where a child’s smile melts the most bitter of hearts
A place of joy happiness and art
A place of creation and destruction
A place of harmony and love

I’m from a place many call home
A place where you are never alone
A place called Africa