Strains me fear of talking.
Damn if I am with you.
I will understand everything you are doing.
I don’t care what happens next.

Whether you sought solace in strange woman.
Even if you drank into an avid courtesan of the city.
Took offense at a bad sexual encounter.
Had excessive brain removal over salted soup.

Come and tell me all this right in my face.
If you are not ready to discuss with me all the problems of our world
Why bother trying to get closer to those that remain in the missed?
No need to go to friends.

There’s you.
There’s me and our common world in which
We make our life better.
Either we live there together…
I don’t need all of this.
Cowardice is a vice that I will never accept.
I can respect your honesty and sincerity.
Even if we disagree with our enemies.