Come back home
To the place where you belong
Even though it’s been too long
You can leave that fog
Jump out like a frog
I know the way is long
Cut it short with my song
This will keep you strong
Lift you out from a storm

You’ve been lost and found
You’ve been down and out
You’ve been to hell and back
You’ve seen the worst and best
You’ve seen the west and the rest
You’ve seen rats and pests
You’ve heard moaning and groaning
You’ve had mourning and growing
You’ve herd cattle when mowing

A warrior in the field of dreams
A worrier devoid of dreams
This is a product of dreams
Nightmares which make you scream
Frequently clear as steam
Unfortunately you’ve never had a team
But I’ll bring you back
Even if it means I have to steal
All that’s in my way I will kill