Mighty pen, aren’t you magical?
You demolish walls and end deadly wars
You cushion, with peace and ease, the world
Yet you’re barely praised for your heroism

Would we all have lived without you?
You breathe fresh life to broken relationships
And set us free from the chains of slavery
You glue scattered lovers together through your bravery

Are you conscious of your activism?
You’re like the full moon on a dark night
Enlightening the future of despondent lives
You’re the unnoticed pillar of the nation
Helping the people elevate themselves through education

Aren’t you everything that’s everywhere?
You’re a salivating combination of daisies and stars
Mighty writing thing, you possess a permanent spot in my heart
You’re a teacher, a doctor, a psychologist, a listener
And a sweet-smelling lovely flower, with ink power, you are…