I am writing this to tell you that I have nothing new to say
Because your words caught me off guard,
I saw this request coming but never prepared for it,
Your request struck me like your writings struck me when I saw them
Writings so innovative I can’t deny
And she said she is on a break and still writes pretty well.

We have a lot in common, which I don’t seem to understand,
You relate with me like we have known each other for ages
And it struck me that a stranger like her can accept me
With all my very good and bad characters,
Truly, you are a gem,
A rare one to be precise.

She gave a Nigerian Yoruba boy a Swati name,
Isn’t that funny?
She Christened me ‘Lungile’ and said it means ‘Righteous’.
My writings are bad, I can’t help it,
But to write to you can’t scare me
Cos I know if I make a mistake you are gonna correct me well,
Truly you are rare,
All my years of making friends online,
Yours is really special, truly you are rare.

She said she believed I can help her with her writings
Which made me laugh ‘cos she is already the best raw writer,
I’m a teacher and she almost became that too, very funny
We both got emotions under lock and that makes it okay
How do I write to suit this rare gem,
Truly words are a handicap to express her.
She might wonder how I’m using you and her,
It’s because I still have a lot to learn about her,
Maybe and maybe one day I can win a Pulitzer by writing about her
Truly, meeting her is supercalifragilistic­expialidocious.