The love I have inside me for you is an overdose of drugs.
Trying to take you slow.
Under the bed sheets.
Unprotected from it.
So weak I cannot resist the temptation.

The tingles and the chills I am getting.
That sensational feeling running through my spinal cord.
The reason to kill just awoken like lust.
To eat the forbidden fruit.

As we burn in eternal fire of passion.
Connection of the afterdeath.
It cannot be contained.
What I have for you.
As our minds synchronised in a sweet classic melody.

Nothing can beat that rhythm of our song.
Fighting the corresponding temperatures of temptation.
You turned out to be my everyday paranoia.
The fear of someone snatching you from my arms.

I get shy when I see you.
The love and passion I have for you is an overdose.
Of getting what I want from you.
In my dreams I hear your name calling.
Soberly nobody can predict my thoughts.
That run deep like a lake of fire.

Wondering if I am all alone in this.
Or if your heart is feeling the same about me.
Honey I am living with these lingering thoughts every day and night.
I mourn your voice when you are not around.
Orchestrating our perfect wedding in my mind.
Hope you can make it to the altar in time.

Express the same feelings to the entire world that I am yours.
‘Cause I can see us colliding in eternity of love.

This is not an act from my side but
An overwhelming overdose that can’t be controlled.
I am masquerading your attire with me next to your arms.
So much I wanna say to you.
But too much drinking of five roses
Makes me turn my tail and vanish in space.
‘Cause you are my own drug overdose
That makes me wake up each day.
Without you I am a shadow lost in tombstone.
You are my reason for breathing.
My soul snatcher.
My reflection mirror.
My disease that does not need cure.
But most of all my smiles bringer.
My sun glower.

Let’s walk the beaches of Caribbean holding hands.
Watch beautiful sunsets together.
Explore the seven wonders of the world.
As we also explore each other’s minds.