He cooked this meal for you
Invited you to his grand-house
In a room that is cold but with a view so divine!
Your eyes can’t help but wonder in awe.

You look around the table,
You find it wonderfully adorned
A place fit for the sovereign
With your enemies and oppressors
equally seated beside you
He comes and prepares it for you all

Platters come, served to all the guests,
yet not everyone shares the same meal.
As you turn to yours, you see that not
all of which is presented is to your liking.
But before you can object,
The host makes a toast;

This, my dear, is life you were born unto
this world to bear witness to its wonders.
Whilst we may find flaws in it,
We shouldn’t shut our eyes and
hearts from its marvel.

We are all equally placed here
irrespective of the choices we make and
how we treat one another because,
The bottom line is we were all
given our own lives to live, with the
good and the bad. All that’s left
now is to grab our forks and dig in!
Because that my friend, is…