Blood is red,
bruises are blue,
my body aches in pain,
I’m swimming in the pool of my blood,
drowning in the vomit of my regrets,
overpowered by fear,
why am I still here?

You hurt me in a thousand ways,
your words cutting deep – right down to the core.
Undibetha ungaphakamisanga sandla,
undikhumbuza ukuthi andiyonto,
amazwi akho ayahlaba abukhali ngaphezu kwe krele.
You gave me your love just to rip it away from me,
undiphathisa okwe bhendlenge.
Undijonga emehlweni undihlohla ubuxoki,
and I’m choking on every word you say.
You raped me with words that will never be forgiven,
your words have ripped off my dignity and humanity.

My life is full of pain,
the sky has become dark,
no smiling lights no happy surprise only these constant lies.
Lay in bed tears streaming down my face,
trying hard not to shout I try not to cry and show the pain.
I try to be strong but these scars are too deep to ignore.
Undenzakalisile, wawundandathekisa umphefulo, intliziyo ilihlwili.
Wandishiya ndilihlwempu entliziyweni okompha ochutyuweyo.
Am I just a punching bag to quench your anger?
Your tight fist has shattered and rearranged my world.
Every night I lie awake,
wondering how much more can I take,
I scream plead only if someone would listen,
but enough is enough,
tonight I will rise and maybe, maybe
You will see you can no longer hurt me.