The place where I’m from is built with blocks of shame, despair and hate,
With a gloomy view from the window,
And a roof of fear over our heads,
A mixture of deceit, poverty, drops of blood from my peers cement these walls.

The place where I’m from is where me,
my sisters and brothers are confined.
We can all see the door unlocked,
None of us can get out,
Chained by resentment,
Envy, ignorance and lies,
None of us are free.
But what about the keys?
We all hold a different piece,
But we inhale the stifling air of trends and conformity,
Suffocating and depriving us of peace.

The place where I’m from needs reconstruction,
Knock these walls down,
Use new blocks,
Replace shame with pride,
Despair with hope,
Hate with love,
Wipe the window for a clear view of the future,
Let the roof be courage and curiosity over us,
A mixture of truth, wealth and drops of happiness must cement these walls.

The place where I’m from is Amaoti,
Now that you know,
My biggest fear is being judged.
How you gaze at me,
reflects on me, my family, and my home,
What you say about me?
Will it ruin my reputation?
What you see from me?
Will it trickle down through generations in time?
Everything you read by me,
Will you highlight the simplest lines?