Freedom is something I did not dream of
I have been a victim, unheard of
Always they had chosen for me
They had never asked me if ever I would need my breath
Freely, unconcerned, they stopped my heartbeat

They claimed I was too bad I would have hurt her
My freedom would have taken her to hell
Though heaven could have smiled at my arrival
They had put laws to took me to hades
Untouched though- I would have loved to see my dawn

How I wished to be in her blossom
Suck from her breast
At least see the face of him who was responsible
And told him to love her for my sake
Hoping my joy could have moved the heaven to smile

She said she did not mean to have me
Their union was by accident
My fusion, I believe by coincident
She did not even plan for me
And no longer could she bear to stand with me

Freedom, I hate the fact that you exist
Yet in your existence, you have done nothing for me
My anger grows to you every day and night
For you have strength capable of rescuing me
Yet you seemed not to care about me

When I see the human rights watchdogs
I smile in my sorrow
Hoping my fellow victims, yet to come are saved
But alas, they are still more coming
Oh, the world has established a hell for their stumble

They have given it a name
They call it safe abortion
They have established laws, promoting it
My friends’ lives are in danger of this massacre
As now there is freedom of murdering of an unborn child.