A woman is more like the
Weather, and later more
Like the climate. Last month
She nagged and wanted
To hear nothing from you,
Rejected your calls and blocked
Your SMSes.
Earlier this month
She tried to talk to you though
She didn’t want you. A week ago
She started to like you and she
Allowed you to take her out.

Now she loves you, she wants no
One standing next to you. Then
From now onwards she wants no
One to text her but you. She want
No one to hold her but you. Now
She trust you more than her mother
And father, she trusts you with her
body, she trust you with her life.

She even damaged her room’s burglar
Guards, just so she can jump from
Her house to you at night. Please
Don’t break her heart! She has
Chosen you over the world,
Because she loves you, please marry her.

She will honour you with beautiful and
Smart children before she dies! Love
Her please!