What I love about the world is that there’s a lot to explore
What I hate about the world is that there’s a lot of hate to go about
What I love about Christmas is the food and being with family
What I hate about fairytales is that they never seem to be real
What I love about Autumn is the shedding of the trees
What I hate about school is waking up in the morning
What I love about the moon is that it doesn’t envy the sun
What I hate about pain is the fact that you can’t escape
What I love about eyes is that they tell you everything
What I hate about religion is that you have to obey
What I love about wolfs is their boldness
What I hate about garlic is its repulsive smell
What I love about writing is that nobody has to understand
What I hate about people is that they’re never accountable
What I love about clothes is their ability to not cover but to embody the soul
What I hate about family is that you can’t trade them
What I love about me is that I’m still searching but I’m not lost