Have you ever experienced hunger?
And you see your neighbour extremely full
Having enough bread to spare
Enough bread to even throw away
When you want to pick that bread and eat,
God forbid, you find it rotten
It has moulds and worms

Do you know the pains of being childless?
Yet your neighbour does not even need one
If she gets one, she dumps the baby away
When you want to pick the baby
So that you can raise it up,
You find, oh God, the life is no more

There is this type of pain,
The pain of wanting to know who your father is
On trying to gather information
You go to inquire on a nearby crowd
You are told that it is your father’s funeral
It eats me up to know my father
But when he is now lying in a coffin
Have ever experienced the pain of being unemployed?

When you have all the qualifications
But the hiring boss chooses one less qualified
Because the boss has been promised love
Not only love, but a bit of cash
Or simply because the person is related to the boss
It pains me to death, to think of these pains daily
It’s heart breaking to think about all the world’s irregularities
But it is the truth of the world we are living in
A world which is filthy with corruption
A world which delights in darkness
A world which hates the truth like sin
A world which uses the back door more than the front door

If you have never felt such pains,
Watch out, you may be a victim sooner or later
Painful isn’t it?
To trust someone with your life
And love the person heartily
But the person takes your heart and gives it away
And brings you a present of HIV/AIDS
You cannot understand these parables
But know that they‘re there
We may ignore these pains, and pretend that they are there
But one day they will surface when you least expect
Watch out, you may be a victim, sooner or later