What is a friend?
A friend is a partner in crime
A sister, brother, lover, mother and father

A friend walks in when everybody walks out
She fights with you but cries with you
She argues with you but talks on your behalf
She is your lawyer when no one believes your story
She is your strength when you’re weak and
She is your partner in crime when life has
imprisoned you with its chains of troubles

But what happens when you lose your partner
in crime because of jealousy and hatred?
Some people pursue happiness- others create it
But if someone pursues evilness then they surely create it
Some friends become the END of you by conspiring
against you, wishing evil upon you and by doing
anything to destroy your happiness.

Thembi in the story, was driven by jealousy,
Imprisoned by hatred and
Sentenced by evil towards her best friend, Thuli

She thought evil was an easy way to get a successful life
To break out of the clutches of the poverty she lived in
She swore to be Thuli’s best friend but her actions
showed quite the contrary.

Why not help a friend instead of destroying them?
Instead of promising to be there, just SHOW them
HELP them where you can
MOTIVATE them to do better to improve their lives
even if they don’t take your advice to action as long
as you showed them that you care.

It’s not always about who is REAL in your face
but about who stays LOYAL behind your back
A true friend will eat with you on the same plate;
call your parents MOM and DAD, will tell you if
you’re going off the rails, will not applaud you
when you’re leading a route to self-destruction
instead she will stop you and lead you to the right path.

Take a closer look at your friends, ask yourself;
who are they to you? What roles do they play in
your life? Are they leading you to success or destruction?
Once you have answered those questions only then
will you know if you have true, loyal friends or not.

As I’ve said, a friend could be even your mother as
mine was; it doesn’t have to be someone outside from home.

So remember, what you attract is what you are
You are the magnet so if you attract rusted coins
then you are also the rusted coin but if you attract
shiny ones then you are also shiny.