Oh I call unto you, my lawyer.
I bring tedious tidings.
My father stroke twice.
On my left and right cheek.
I have harvested evil.
An evil so ripe and mature
Even the aurora lights
Fail to bewonder me.
I have lost God’s glory.
I have brought shame unto him.
Like the maiden praying mantis.
I devoured the conscience within.
I have been denied my inheritance.
I have neither bread, nor water, nor shelter.
The devils mock me at my passing.
Saying, where is thy beloved father?
Oh my counsellor, hear my plea!
Atone for my sins, speak for me.
Let my father know, yes, let him know.
That I shall serve my sentence.
I shall not spit nor curse his name.
I know the magnitude of my sins.
Thus I shall not complain.
If it please him, this I ask,
Let me die in solemn peace,
Let my name be written,
In the book of life.