Soft and easy, nice and slow
was the face at the erudite gathering of the young at heart.
A most glorious soul occasioned among all
that cute camaraderie of brooding and vibrancy.
From the moment I saw you, Flower Lily –
it began to hurt so profoundly.
So finally borne was my pain upon discovering
just how befitting our twosome would be
for the intertwining of the bodies embosomed within.
And for one single moment,
I knew I had to budge
whereas nature’s call met a slight resistance of masculine flop sweat.

All of that in a single tank moment of brilliance.
Through trial one actually met a sullen cold response
leading to a crowning moment of side by the sidewalk,
and the rest was easily ready as cool cupid romance.

What a moment that actually gave meaning to love at fight sight.
A single moment of the singles actually on a roller coaster ride of their lives.