A young person
A disagreeing voice
skipping school already

(something we too often
see here down South
but not only)

A dissident like
our own poet-local
going the other way

telling leaders where
to get off

A sign of the Time
it is

On the cover
she is

Greta Thunberg
she is

Though she has been
on the The Big Issue cover
here not long before

A sign of the Time
it is

Yet she
is not alone

I see
Climate Activists
from Uganda and
a singer from Spain

eloquent young persons
Fridays for Future Uganda
Fridays for Future in Chile
on CapeTownTV’s Democracy Now!
talking UNCOP 25 Climate Change Summit

A sign of the times
it is

See “The age of Greta” – The Big Issue, 20 October-24 November 2019.