The rose of integrity and intelligence-
It’s a rose I won’t forget
A rose of Buntu- nation, a
Gratitude lady that cares in
All workforces a full intellectual
Conquer that believes in herself
When the wind blows on me it
Uses its merriment all the time

Always anticipate what I will
Speak so to debate it was a
Hot-seat pitching near the rose
A workforce mentor that believes
In human entrepreneurship one
Of the most coaches amongst all

I so wish I can plough patience
And calmness in all conscience
So to plant wisdom both. I can see
Them growing but need number
Seven hopefully along the way I
Will see perfection

Other may sing along with
Malema and say,
“Dubul’iBunu (shoot the boer)”
However I counter act that by
Saying, “Khulis’iBunu siSiphesihle
Eso” in the sight of the Lord