Always on my mind, with your name tattooed on my heart
Making life better, God’s perfect work of art
Baby steps, that’s what you always say
Blessed love, wishing you a blessed day
Hand you the keys to my heart, knowing you’ll keep it safe
When I’m frustrated, you always make me feel okay
I’ll be your peace till the end of days
It took a hardship in order for me to change
I know it’s not easy baby, please let me take your pain away

Sometimes it’s hard just to open up and talk
You appreciate it more when you’ve had a loss
You smile like a queen, please make room for the boss
As gentle as a mother, give thanks to her father
I love her like a sister, a little more than her brother
Forever yours, my significant other

Today’s pain will be tomorrow’s joy
The heart knows what it wants, so I didn’t really have a choice
Never will I neglect you even when I’m chilling with my boys
When I’m all out of options you’re my only choice