I understand that they diagnosed you positive,
but that does not put a black mark on you.
So stop labelling yourself as such,
have a positive mindset.

I understand that you regret
your weaknesses and mistakes.
That is normal, however you must bear in mind that
there is no perfect human being ever.
We all learn through mistakes,
you must have a positive mindset.

I understand that in your mind
you can feel stuck.
However, I plead you to have a positive mindset.
Do not be negative, this is not the end of the road.
Life still goes on,
rrise up, take care of yourself.
Love yourself, love your life.
Give your life to God.
He will lead you with great compassion.
He will not forsake you.
He is ready to forgive and comfort you.

All you need is to turn away from your old habits
and adjust to a new way of doing things.
Take all major precautions to take care of your life
and your loved ones.
Protect them from infection,
do not pass the infection on to them.
Love yourself,
Stay positive, with a positive mindset.

Do not hesitate to follow your career.
Throw away thoughts of doubt,
and meditate with prosperity.
Your mindset can change your dreams into real life.
So, stay positive,
do not give up your positive mindset.
The healing and prosperity can start,
with a positive mindset.