I’m from a place where it’s light as long as you’re not in the dark
Where ideas are the juice where knowledge is sparked
I come from seedless weeds, home grown strains
Weak arms and knees
But my strength is drawn from the tree my family stems from
I come from gorgeous women, high heads, blemish free

I come from nice clothes and soul music
Fresh odours and tattoos
Where eyes close but life flows
Almost always towards where there’s smoke

I come from numb nights, open mics and the power to speak
Where insomnia reeks
Where ulcers scream louder than the freedom of speech

I am the product of short tempers and loud voices
The combination of a hippy and a kingpin
A slight grin and a firm grip of who I am and where I am in this life

I come from warm hugs and the smell of a cooked meal
I come from good genes and confidence
Where strong black women raise honest men

I’m from a place that chose my skin
The place is me
That’s where I’m from