It is a place of its own kind
So strange but yet so wonderful
So interesting, one look is never enough
Many events take place on a daily basis,
Good feeling is what one will always get

The sun rises and sets, leaving people with smile on their face
Time seems to be so fast, being new in this strange place

All over the place my eyes rolled,
Up and down I went, hoping to discover more in this place
Without anyone saying welcome, all are to feel welcomed

To many, my presence became known
By many, happiness was shared,

Green was all over the place, along with fresh air
Feeling comfortable was a fact, bored an opinion

Stable I’ve tried to be, but of this place being interesting kept me going
It is never out of moves
New things I saw on a daily bases,
Many things were available
And many I had enjoyed

A day was never enough, always hoped for another day
Of nature not being jealous, another day I had

Of places I’ve been, none has been that interesting
Of me being new never felt like being a stranger