As a child
Nothing seems to matter other than fun
The fun of enjoying playing house
Harmless and carefree

As a child
There she was, happy
Running towards the river sand at home
A bucket on her hand for a scoop of sand
Rushing to join her cousin
Who was building a mud house

Without her sight to take notice, unaware, her tiny body forcing to run back
Her older sibling, swinging a sharp shovel
Not realising as he was busy working scooping the sand onto the wheelbarrow
Next thing, she felt a bang on her skull
Her eyes only saw darkness

As a child
Not sure what had happened
Not sure why she was on an unfamiliar bed
With nurses telling her how the operation was tense
It was then she remembered the incident

As a child
Countless apologies for her sibling
The worry from her parents
It was still there, buried under her hair after the successful operation
Yet when it rained
When there was lightening
She could feel the pain
The pain of the shovel almost
Spliting her head in half