I made a night journey
I thought it was a nightmare
And felt it in the morning.
I birthed this mare
Amid long winding tracts
And fell asleep in its way.
I made a night journey.
So dark as it looked away
The eyes now gone dim-witted
I heard its sounds and wonders.
Sneak and psyche footed in it
Frog played, river played,
Parrot played, owl played as well.
This play I have not seen or heard
What could I say?
What could I do?
Nothing, but pins and wonders.
A moment awhile
Fell a falling star from the sky
It looked bright but dark in its path.
And twice in the sky.
The eyes diverged its fall
The brain sensed it as well
But, the eyes stepped on the different.
I stood brawny and stunt
The eyes wobble, the head wobble
The mouth sealed and the ear when dead.
Things now gone unlike
Things no more in its trace
All turned, but change the world.
I trundle the tree ear
Still could not recall,
The way it floated me in the air.
I made a night journey.
I could not remember it’s wodge
How? And how? Remains the question
And the answer, I couldn’t tell.
The eyes filled with tears
The tears flooded a forest
And all hopes faded away.
I soon stood solitude
In lonely forest
Knowing not any exits.
Tell the dawn of the day,
Lay my eyes on that light
As I lay in its carcass.
Tho I was glad, but not glad too
And I couldn’t say it two
But the way my eyes lied
Is what I can imagine.