A moment so far gone
I’m chasing with all my
Strength it’s blown by
forces of outside charms
To my heart, it’s causing
Endless harm it was like
Heaven I was lying in
Arms of an angel

Skating on the brims of joy
With the thought of forever
A moment so far gone
Like a dream that died
Within my waking and a
Stream of a river so dry
From this hearth,
What shall bail me out?

The misery feels like a purge
Gone is a touch of an angel
Its voice faded with the echoes
Leaving me this half dead
A moment so far gone

Now, I roam on my shame
For, it left with all the flames
That once made it felt like home
That was so golden

Now, it’s a tale of days so olden
Before this nightmare was begotten
And had me so downtrodden
A moment so far gone
For it, it’s my heart that weeps.