Every time I’m reminded that,
Nothing is valuable without you
Quite often I’m much taken aback
By how loving and wonderful you, Lord, are

I know words alone can never hide
The mess that I’m attached to in most of my ways
Only your mercy that flows like a river
Can deem it necessary for my survival

Oh Lord, my cries will always ring loud to you
As my reliability will be gravitating upon you
So as I may steal your gaze unconditionally
And you remain still my shield intentionally

The true Lord of my salvation
Survey any moves that I make
For my enemies gawk furiously at me
Not wanting to see me shining even for a little while

Oh Lord, you’ve brought me this far
Help me now reach the mountain top of success
Just like a jacaranda’s firmness
In you, I’ll boldly hide my weakness

Torrential rains and violent cyclones
Could never uproot my trust in you
But make you stay like my cool sea wave
And I may stay your dependent coastal zone