Sadness covers the face of the universe,
Hearts torn into pieces,
As many fall at the hands of a pandemic.
It’s a world in crisis,
Perhaps a passing season.

Sent home to quarantine,
To have a meeting with myself
It is time to be still.

I will sit
Until the battle in my mind is replaced by complete silence,
Perhaps stillness will teach me meditation
For peace to flow like streams washing my soul.

I will sit within these walls,
To seek sanity in solitude
Maybe fragmented parts of my life will reconnect.

I will sit
In the silence of my company until I enjoy it
Until I hear the rhythms of my thoughts
Maybe I will hear my voice again
The voice silenced by the noisome world outside.

It’s time to move away from shadows blocking my light,
For the truth to set me free,
For my path to clear up.

I will soak in silence
Until I hear the whisper of God’s voice,
Until I’m clothed with a new life,
They call it quarantine
I call it a meeting with myself
My time to heal.