I just don’t know
Whether to start from a beginning or from afar,
Pieces of a puzzle all over the place,
There’s a need to create a complete picture of the puzzle,
Then you will know what is needed to be known,
Reading between the lines is what works,
Looks are deceiving, that works and exists as 100% here,
I am talking about her.

You can’t know her by looking at her,
You can’t understand her by just one conversation with her,
It takes time and conversations,
All built as a ladder from level 1 up to the highest of them,
I can define her as the odd one out,
The weird woman.

Her personality is amazing,
Full of love yet preserved,
Kind yet harsh,
Strict yet funny,
A strong woman that she is.

I see her as a precious gem that is worthy yet can’t be priced,
She had the audacity to say it straight and you know what, that impresses me,
A type that loves things going her way,
She always challenges but when challenged she get angry,
Emotions hidden by her seriousness
You can take her on at your own risk,
She’s fast like a cheetah,
Concludes a lot even when it’s unnecessary,
Yes she all that, but the fact remains she’s a good woman.
The type you can’t get anywhere,
The type that is unique,
Cross paths with her, hold on tight to her ankles,
She’s a tiger in a dolphin’s body…