A matter of time
Time flies
It runs like a river flows
We met when the time was still ticking
I put you under my skin just like a tick
You sucked my blood,
And become full and fat from my flesh

You grew to be part of me,
And I never aimed to part ways with you
You were the reason why I kept on going
The purpose why I was pleased

Yet, along the way…
You chose to make a move
And departed somewhere else,
Where you sipped a distinct zest of blood
From there you concluded not to appear back

I learned you were kept up somewhere,
Nevertheless, I wished that you would return back
You vacated,
but never carried everything with you
You fled…
But left your heart in pointers under my attention.
You abandoned some pieces of you in my mentality
And I never napped,
I dozed every evening with one eye open
Worried that somebody might snatch your heart from me
Scared that I might not find it eternally.

Moments expired,
Days flew.
Years departed,
But you never reimbursed.
Still, I was gripping on to you
Dreaming that one day you will come back to me
Still, there was no indication of you
Wherever I ran there was no hint of you
I wondered where you are
I wondered if you were safe
I need to know if you are comfortable
But none will give me a report of how you are bearing up.

I never earned peace of mind,
Neither rest.
Days and nights were the same to me
You were actively mingling my mind

How are you are holding up wherever you are?
I attempted looking for you numerous times
I made an effort to dig out your whereabouts,
Regardless my endeavour never worked
Because you were nowhere to be found
You were somewhere where you couldn’t be noticed
Someplace enclosing for me not to detect you
You never wished for anything to do with me anymore.

I wonder what wrong I have done,
To squeamish you this sizable.
Why did you give up on me?
Why did you never need to be found?
I never halted looking for you,
Until presently!!
Now that I understand you are pleased wherever you are.

But I realise now,
That was just a matter of time.