My tears flashed out on my screen
As my thumb tipped to write a poem
My head on bed as my eyes pinned my screen
With black fonts that formed sentences

I wondered the pain fading like dreams without vision
My mouth spelled out words with pain
My eyes were sailing on the tear drops
I breathe thorns, my lungs inhaled a stroke.

My heart in a beat, could sing a sad song
My eyes in a sense, could be rhythmically turned blind.
I smiled, but my lips were pointed on my nose
I settled in a beat, as the pain began to subside.

An inhaled stroke that flowed in my veins
Pinned my heart such that to mark it.
I endured my restless nights
With a broken-pieced heart.

A stipulation in a heart
It’s an everlasting mark that could fade not.
A mark inside my heart
It’s a deep furrow that will flow forever

Her name won’t be erased in my heart
Though she never felt the same for me
It’s an everlasting mark to endure,
I should love not but enduring my restless loneliness.

I will dream not about separation.
I still see redness on my closed eyes.
Her memories will fade not on my mind
I will swing on till I lay to rest.