I shelter behind scar-faced monsters,
Red eyed brutal looking creatures,
With bony faces;
I think I got it right and learned my spot was hot or not my spot at all,
I rumbled hard to escape the darkened cage
which in my illusion was a safe house
To my immaturity, unreasonable bluntness, rage
and youth grudging of world war who knows what?
And I stumble, I kept stumbling, I bumped my toe,
I fell, I hit my head, I stood erect
And tried to walk on and they secretly laughed,
the spectators-they saw me rumble and made it all a circus show.
And I stood up, each time more desperate in escape,
and I breathe… uhhhmm…. Uhhhuh…
I walked on.
And made way – brutal face myself,
The positive jingles attracted by instinct and by impulse
made me move to it
A soldier I became.
And when I realised as I turned my head to look behind
the cage was no more…
Suddenly free, I looked around
and saw no scar-faced monsters, red-eyed brutal-looking creatures,
There was a light ahead, imprinted in my head a victorious picture,
There was a vision born, a storm defeated,
A man made – out of a boy.