She wakes up early in the morning to hide her bruises,
her kids still don’t understand why you keep on hurting mommy’s feelings.
You keep on hitting her, you’re a beast.
Another man stole her shine, sorry beauty,
she no longer even goes outside
You did everything you could to kill her inside,
At nine p.m. you start playing a mixtape of her weeping, while she cries,
the next morning she does nothing but fall for your lies.
“Baby I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.
I’ll make it up to you, at least just let me try?”
Her heart believed she’d found a protector,
but as weak as you are, you were just another tormenter.
Took her back to the day her uncle took advantage of her,
all these painful memories flooding in, she can’t take it no more.
What did she ever do to deserve this much hurt?
A voice as loud as hers still can’t be heard.
She just doesn’t deserve to have it this bad.
Having you as husband was supposed to make her life better,
but you still couldn’t love her and protect her.
Shattered her dreams, you both were meant to reach for the stars,
instead as weak as you are, you chose to give her scars.