Words of drama decipher karma stress you with a little grammar
Poetry’s too below beneath that hole i cant stretch my hand even if I wanna
I’ve just begun to slap you with that sick chip from that sour dip
I ain’t panicking my brother Zakes bites his tongue I bite my own lip
Comics? I like transformers finishing whatevers on my plate those pan cakes they baked and now I’m grabbing on that tray and yours and that’s headed to you too

Once I bite on that Whacky Wednesday after all those years of beef on flames
Ain’t no nice meal but the one I made for me on my birthday
Who’s the prey when I accept the fact that I’m the predator for that muffin
If you think im bluffing ask my cousin I never knew my fist was hot and spicing
Snatch that kids lemon aid I meant not to drink water

I’m hungry in Durban CBD with a hundred dollar
Did I heard thousands of boys about your fat cooks
I ain’t the man of the house my oven beeps it doesn’t hoot
I’m sick and tired bored as ahh!
I’ll hunt a duck if I got luck on my way out
sing a beat box some one wake up the driver with that bass full of music food
Now I won’t leave I’m stuck.