A lovely day
(Bill Withers-like)
I think I hear
from the day’s MC

we are at a Graduation
the Whizz ICT’s
out at the Isivivana Centre
which houses a number
of organizations

(I want to brave the stairs
to greet them all –
TAC Equal Education
and Doctors without Borders
to name a few familiar ones)

(on the way we had passed
the Khayelitsha Hospital
impressive only from the exterior
it is said by folks who’d rather
pass away some place elsewhere)

A lovely day
I grin to myself
as I reminisce
about graduations-past
in my time in the NGO sector

A lovely day
for the 10-year-old Centre
addressing the challenges
of poor communities
through computer training

(more than one speaker
students included remind
us of their sterling role)

A lovely day
with a learner’s poem
(emotional and emotive)
rounding off the event

May there be more

Out at the Isivivana Centre am I, lapping up the Whizz ICT Centre’s Computer students’ Graduation, June 9 2018.