Poetry is one part of art
That allows us to express what’s in the heart
To give the blind sight
To see their future bright
And to battle tooth and nail against blight
To give hope to the hopeless for them to continue to fight.

Poetry is not about who’s wrong or right
But taking those in the dark to the light ,
No matter how bad today is, it depends on you to make your tomorrow right.
Poetry give the voice to the voiceless so they could also be heard
Give courage and power to man up to those who are scared
Heal the heart of those who have been scared.

Through poetry poet write poems with an aim to touch deep deep within the deepness of your heart.
They paint a picture with neither paint brush nor colours to make it beautiful but their outcome leave a lot of people speechless.
Poetry, oh poetry one can never fully illustrate what you really do to our lives
For you grow us up
You educate the uneducated
You , you are one unique part of where one expresses what is their heart and through that we hold on even if its hurt.