Fresh from McGregor is he
from the Poetry Festival there
(has the dust settled yet)

Archie Swanson it is
as the Guest Poet reading
from his newly published
Shores of Years

he has been before
(a popular guest is he)
and he brings along
some delicacies
for the assembled masses

A little bit of tart
says he as we walk in
and I am in stitches

is this slip Freudian
or is it just a slip that is
in these changed times
and these changing times

when the guards have
all but changed
though things seem to
still be the same

(sign-posts and streets
buildings and statues
statutes too on paper
but rich and poor
are the everyday still)

A little bit of tart
A little bit on the side
A little bit of fluff
(Gender violence a pox
on our so-called democracy)

Instant poetry it is
before the show
has even started

I have my bit of fun, just before the start of the monthly Friends of Cape Town Central Library Poetry Circle, Saturday 31 August 2019!