When the world was dark and weary
Life seemed like a drifting sorrow
Misery was incessantly breaking through
So she built a wall
Forgot that even walls
Could be climbed and broken down

When all seemed so distant
Beauty was nothing but a dream
Of the wicked
When the tides seemed too cruel to the shores
But they were just doing their daily
Rounds, back and forth and no worry

She is just a girl and not a woman
She grew in a man’s world, cold
She slid along every closed door
And emptiness was all she got

Her heart was growing weaker
Her thirst getting stronger
So she dug a hole and waited
For the rain to fall

At last the rain came
And within those droplets
She met a loveless man

Of her own love she never knew
He gave her a little angel
And ran away
She called her Blessing
and that’s when she felt love.