Dear Self

I’m sorry that your Dad was gone too soon
and you and your family struggled financially.
I hope that one day you will understand
why God had to snatch him away from you.

I’m sorry that your mom is unemployed
and can’t afford everything you need.
I hope you know that someday
things will get better.

I’m sorry that you envy your friends
and want to be like them.
I’m sorry that he broke your heart
and I blamed you for not being enough.
I hope someday you’ll realise
he was unworthy of your love.

I’m sorry that you are sometimes
mistaken for a ‘kwerekwere’.
I’m sorry for your pimply face
that destroys your confidence.
Not to forget those dark marks
covering your face.

I’m sorry that this is an apology letter
rather than a love letter.