We met two years ago when I was on my way to my friend’s uncle’s funeral. You caught my eyes; it was love at first sight. What made me fall for you was the fact that you’re humble, down-to-earth and your sense of humor was what drove me crazy. You were every woman’s dream man.

You loved me whole-heartedly, never judged me, never left my side; always stood by me. Alex, you believed in me but most importantly you loved me for who I am and unconditionally. You were more than just a boyfriend to me. You were my best friend, my motivator, my comforter and my lover. We were the “IT couple” and everyone envied our love. Then trouble began as soon as people and friends started meddling in our love life.

Always told you I was not the one for you, how you were just wasting my time and that you were just passing by but yet you stayed. People always had something negative to say about our love. It nearly broke us but we still continued with our love.

I remember the first time you took me out on my birthday – it was the best birthday gift ever. Letting you go was the best decision I ever made because you deserve better than me. My heart still aches for you but you deserve better than me. What we had was true love because we have enemies to prove that.

I want to thank you for sticking around. You taught me so much about love, today I know the meaning of love because of you and I’ll forever be grateful. Once again, thank you Alex for loving me. I will never forget you, and I pray that you will never forget me too.


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