The apple of daddy’s eye, his first love, my best friend.
You are beautiful, I will remind you every day.
My priceless gift, what’s my world without you.
A gift that I proudly, yet enviously share with the world.

Your worth is more than the lobola cows
No currency, diamonds or designer can measure you value.
The flaws you despise mould you into the goddess you are
A descendent of Nubian goddesses, kings and pioneers.

I wish to hold your hand, be a shoulder and a friend,
protect you from the dark streets of this land.
I fear when I hear the horror tales;
the drugs, the abuse and rape cases.

You don’t owe anyone a beautiful skin
The queen’s accent or a runway body.
Rock your locks, dark skin and thick thighs,
conform to your own standards.

Let your voice be heard when it gets hard,
I promise it is going to get hard.
Silence is a slow killer, I beg, let it out.
It’s okay to cry, I’ve had my fair share of rainy days.

It’s not all so bad, it’s a beautiful planet we live in.
Have fun, kiss girls, mess around and dance the night away.
Get your heart broken and find yourself
Relax, breathe, you have got this.