You founders, implementers and executioners of apartheid
You inhuman, conscious less and evil beings
You who threatened us with death and torture
You who thought because of the colour of your skin you are better than us
You who came and enforced your visions into our lives

I salute you!
I salute your ability to strive fear into the hearts of our black nation permanent
Nature greater than nurture…. But you!
But you managed to change a humble, loving, caring, sharing and peaceful South African into
A greedy, violent and selfish being that they became

I hate you!
I hate you not because of the colour of your skin
I hate your mind set
I hate your heart
And above all
I hate that I am the one who had to write this letter to you
I hate that you still have influence over my black South African heart

On behalf of my true UBUNTU South African who died
Who died when you gave birth to apartheid
May his soul rest in peace