Hi to everyone
I hope you’re having fun
Is that true?
Are you really enjoying yourself?
Do you own happiness?

Let me not conclude illusion
That would trap me for next ten years
Thinking I’m an orpahan
I’m an ambassador of my lonely past life
They make fun of me often
I hate them, God, Just take me
Accept my suicide
I now know with conviction
My whole life was a confusion

All I had was a letter
Do you want me to make music about it
Girls would beat me to it because they know how to sing
I just want to speak
I should
Isn’t that my choice?

So I could type a sort of conversation
That’s purposely filled with crimination
Give you a taste that’s slangy mixed with gangster speech

All I want is to talk
Is it wrong?
Should I shout it out aloud
I think not
I’m tired of using my pink finger to put Vaseline on my lips
I’ll go shopping for a Labello
I went to take a bath
Come back gradually smelling fresh and clean

I don’t think you were listening
Want me to repeat what I said?
Oh for the Owens aka
In my words as I say I wanna become a hero
“You can say Camero in short”

I said I want to talk
You wasn’t paying any attention
All you heard was rhythm
In between it all
That girl is and feels sexy
Kicked a short skirt
Compatible to flirt and have sex
But Ts and Cs apply

Meanwhile I got the labello and Nivea for men
Body lotion cool kick roll on
Now I’m abandoned and stuck in the food isle
Subject is to eat my budget don’t fit
Psychiatrists think I’m chronically ill
Marshall calls it a skit in his track list
I want an apple homie, daily
I chose clothing outfits totsie
Pay with this got given a bank card that was plastic
Everything is debit not credit from top to bottom
Going back home asking for a taxi “abaya kwamashu kwad noc?”

How are you holding up
Tight in this sleepless night
To two at dawn
Keep it locked asking those ahead of us, the elders
See you again next time