Fear is inevitable at this very period.
Erosion is finally taking place,
The resistance soil caging my heart is eroding.

But it’s a great change, I must say!
My soft pelleted heart is getting exposed to this slanted world.

I must admit, you have given way to spring
In an arid area of my cracked world.
And finally trees that had no hope, can now bear fruits.

Honestly, credit isn’t something I offer humans
Yet I am unreluctant to show my gratitude…
It would be unkind of me to see no light in the dark.
For your words morphed my view of the world.

And once again, the once-buried emotions are now resurrecting
And the feeling of believing in humanity is now unstoppable.

The absence of uncertainty in your words gives me assurance,
And I am deeply convinced that you meant what you said.

The one who once assisted me in revisiting my nightmares
And unleashing my anger has turned into the one
Who waters my heated heart and clears my vision in the mist.

I would be a colossal liar if I said your actions aren’t noticed,
For nothing has gone unseen.

I acknowledge your support and appreciate your deeds!
Though you strive to balance me in your unbalanced state.

It’s difficult for one to see the rainbow in someone
When they have been familiarised with nothing
But the pangs of pain and neglect.

In my most transparent being, I must say,
I may not give away my whole trust
But I am willing to start the race and if one day you choose to let go
I won’t hold you hostage
Rather I will appreciate the light you let me see through the dark.

And I can finally agree that I’m not alone in this,
And that if I can live through yesterday, why not today? Why not tomorrow?

I may not give you all the credit in this world,
For you were not alone through this journey with me
But you are mostly present, though I chose to be difficult at times…
It would be unkind of me to be ignorant of the fact
That you choose to show kindness through the cracks of your heart.

Thank you!
For choosing to be an anchor hooked at the bottom of my confused world,
Holding me in equilibrium.