A girl who can’t stand for herself on her own.

A girl who is always on loan
For things she doesn’t need,
But feed.

A girl who acts like she has all,
But has none.
She has her hand to ask for help for useless thing.

A girl who thinks everybody loves her,
While others are tired of her.

She lives life that she doesn’t even have,
She is always empty.
She uses words and people for her own benefit.
She is always in need of fitting, where she doesn’t even fit
With nothing to fit.

She doesn’t know where she stands,
She is puzzled by her own deeds.
She is model for dead ideas of killing,
You step away, she wants to stab you –
She is toxic.
She gets used to you, too easily –
She thinks she is big because
She spends time without dime –
With people who she thinks have dime,
Now she thinks she owns dime.

She is empty, and owns no heart –
She tries to destroy you with no hymns –
Because you step out of her life –
She is catastrophic.