I need a girl to love
The one, I can give my heart
And her heart, I can have
Then, bounty, can be my trust

A girl, to hate me on my face
And love me, on my back
Thus, cherishing me, on my absence
Surely, my heart can back

Love on ones face, is feign
Real love, need gentle hearted fellows
For their love, not to be like moon that wane
But forever move on, like how mountain river flows

True love is rare to find
To have it, it’s a pretty fairer bond

I need a girl to woo her heart
That my heart, she can win
To one, I can surrender my trust
That her trust to me, she can win

A girl that can love me, just me
Cause true love always hangs in…
Even if dollars are not in-line with me
But in my world, her presence always in

I mean, not one that can suck
Like a parasite
Blood, do suck
Lest our journey will end in opposite

Love for money spoil pure mind
Like how running water, spoil fertile land.