He wishes to compose a farewell note to his beloved woman:
the little note, which he doesn’t mean to fool himself about
Or to make his devotion feel like a winner
Or to make himself feel like a loser
Because we all become winners since we were born

He wishes to write this short note to his darling,
telling her how much he has appreciated her amazing love
and the strong friendship she’s offered him

He wishes to jot down the brief note to his sweetheart,
rendering himself a one more chance
and a one more time to say,
“Thank you, sweetie, you were remarkable!”

He wishes to write down this sad note to her
to inform her how torn he is
to realise she’s tremendously changed recently.

He wishes to express how bitter
and how unfruitful the lack of open communication has been
It’s cost them a break up

He wishes to send this small note to his angel,
to acknowledge himself for holding his emotions intact
And for not having laid his hand on her until this very moment

He wishes to acknowledge her
for having been the best woman he has ever known
Even though minor frictions took place between them,
not a single evil word has been emitted by him towards her

He wishes to write the goodbye note to his dearest,
to wish her wisdom
and the best of luck in her future endeavours
as he takes a few steps away from her

But, above all, he’s wishing,
as he signs out of their now cold relationship,
that she finds in this farewell note a great happiness
and that she’ll honour the best memories they had