You are a silent killer
No words can describe
How painful you are to be borne
You are like a fire that burns up within
The fire that scatters all the fruitful things within

You come in different forms
Sometimes you are very itchy and irritating
While in a crowd you are very active
Ohhh must I say you wanna be seen
How itching and painful you can be sometimes

In fact you have no mercy to show
Indeed you are so heartless
At least have mercy to show
But I guess you don’t wanna set your eyes on water
‘Cause when water touches you
All the tables of the world turn

Everything changes up
You break down everything
In the meanwhile I wonder
Who you are exactly
I guess you don’t know right
‘Cause even doctors failed to
Notice how silent a killer
You are

But the question is how long
Are you gonna eat up innocent souls
Don’t you care at all about
Their feelings
At least don’t take their smiles and happiness away

How cruel you can be
On top of that you are an embarrassment
You are a shame that one has
To live with
How long are you gonna keep
On tormenting one and burying their happiness
Six feet along with you